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4. The three fly lines you need for bass fishing. (4 of 18)

To catch bass successfully throughout the season, you’ll need three different fly lines. Learn what they are and why you need them.

Video Transcript:

For a lot of bass fisheries, you probably only need one fly line. And, the go-to line for the most part is an intermediate line. An intermediate line is a slow sinking line and you could fish shallow with it, just fish with an unweighted fly. And, you could also fish deep with it. If you put a weighted fly on it'll pull the intermediate weight line down and you could fish it deep, so that's really a go-to line.
But if you're going to be fishing a big lake like this, you're probably going to want two or maybe three fly lines. I never go without a floating line because I love fishing poppers for bass. If there's any opportunity, I'm going to fish a popper so you need a floating line for that. And then, if you're in a big lake, particularly if it's mid-summer and you suspect the bass are suspended deep.
You're probably also going to want a full-sinking line or a depth charged line. So three lines are great, probably two is a good idea on large lakes.