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11. Summer smallmouth in lakes. (11 of 18)

Where to find smallmouth bass during the summer in lakes, and how to catch them.

Video Transcript:

Smallmouth bass in lakes during the summer go to deeper water but may transition to shallower water at different times of day based on conditions. Unlike largemouth bass, smallmouth do not like water temperatures over 80 degrees and move into deeper water, where it's cooler. Typically, they like rocky points, boulder fields, fallen timber and other structures that'll hold prey.
Most of us prefer to fisher them early and late in the day, when they may move into shallow water to feed and to avoid predators like eagles and ospreys. Oh, yeah. So I kind of switched it up. I finally, finally stopped changing presentations because it just wasn't working.
And, this nice smallmouth took the nymph. Took that nymph deep, too. Sucked it right in there. Just a little olive kind of a nymph, nymphy, crayfishy thing. Okay, buddy, off you go.