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15. Experiment with retrieves when bass fishing. (15 of 18)

Especially during the summer, you’ll need to experiment with your retrieves. No one can tell you ah

Video Transcript:

- [Tom] You may have to vary your retrieve based on the fly pattern and also matched to the mood of the bass. Don't be afraid to experiment to find out how aggressive the bass are based on current conditions. Wow, he's got that fly down.
- Yeah.
- They eat, they usually eat crayfish deep I think because they're worried about the claws. There we go. That was interesting. Adam, spotted this bass just sitting out in the sun. This is August. Just sitting out in the sun and we had a crayfish fly on. Threw the crayfish to him and Adam saw the fish come after the crayfish and, boom.
Inhaled it right out here in the open. No cover, no nothing. All right, buddy.