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17. Fall fishing in rivers. (17 of 18)

In the fall, crayfish and baitfish patterns are the most effective flies for bass.

Video Transcript:

In rivers, in the fall, bass will move into the shallows again, in search of baitfish. Bass will cruise in and out of the shallows, so cover the shallows and the deep edges nearby. A great technique to use in the fall, in rivers, is a full sinking line with a neutrally buoyant or floating streamer pattern like an unweighted muddler minnow or double-D.
The sinking line keeps the fly below the surface but it rises above the bottom when you pause and keeps the fly from getting snagged. Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah, look at this. Oh, this is solid, solid fish. Oh, he's taking me down river.
Look at that. Oh, yeah. He's one of those fish, he's so big he can barely jump. That's a big solid fish. Look at that. How about that? A little bit of cabbage with it.
Beautiful. I'd say that one's probably about three, three and a half.