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18. Why bass fishing is so much fun. (18 of 18)

Fly fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass is fun, easy, and accessible almost anywhere.

Video Transcript:

- [Tom] I think chasing bass with a fly rod is a great way to get introduced to fly fishing. Casts are short and easy, the fish don't mind the occasional sloppy delivery, and you can find them within a short drive almost anywhere in North America other than the very far north. And, oh, yeah, they're almost always willing to attack a fly if you can find them.
I guess so. Fat. Wow. Look how fat that fish is.
- I told you there's fish in here.
- Yeah. Nice. Oh, fly popped out. That's good.
- And, we got ourselves a bite.
- Yeah. All right, and we'll get him back in the water. You know, bass fishing is fun anytime of year. Probably, the best stuff is when you get them on top water in lily pads and you have those explosive strikes.
But you can catch them anytime of year. You need to modify your techniques, modify where you look for them, and you'll be able to catch largemouths and smallmouths almost anytime of year.