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4. Daily habits of bonefish. (4 of 15)

Most schools of bonefish stay in the same general area unless they are migrating to spawn, thus learning their daily rhythm will help you find them.
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Bonefish can be found in schools of many fish, usually smaller ones or as singles, doubles, or in smaller groups which are usually bigger fish. When bonefish feed, they prowl through the shallow scaring up prey. They'll readily pounce on nearly anything that moves and some things that don't. They're not particularly selective about what they eat as long as it fits into the shape and profile of something they've eaten recently.
Bonefish are creatures of habit. The same fish will typically frequent the same flats at the same stage of the tide barring any inclement weather or other disturbance. If you find a school on the incoming tide on a certain flat, chances are the next day they'll be in the same places, about an hour later because of the daily tide advances.
But strong winds or changes in water temperature can affect their daily behavior so be ready for the unexpected.

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