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8. Tackle for bonefish. (8 of 15)

Learn about how to pick the right tackle for bonefish. It’s quite simple and you don’t need a wide range of gear.
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Bonefish tackle is relatively simple. For smaller fish and smaller flies, some people go as light as a 6 weight or a 7 weight. If you might encounter permit or small tarpon on the flats and where you have lots of wind, you might pick a 9 weight. But the 8 weight rod is standard and perfect for most bonefish locations. You won't need any line other than a good floating line and a reel with a strong and smooth drag and 150 yards of backing.
Leaders should test between 12 and 16 pounds with 9 footers being standard. However, where fish are spooky, a 12 footer might be more appropriate in order to keep the fly line further from the fish. A leader landing near a bonefish won't spook it but a heavier fly line might.

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