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13. How to land and release a bonefish. (13 of 15)

Bonefish are precious, and should be handled and released carefully. Learn how to do this with minimal damage to the fish.
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♪ [music] ♪ - [Man] Got 'em.
- [Tom] Once you get a bonefish close, grab the leader and bring the fish to you. If the bonefish makes a sudden bolt, release the leader and play the fish from the rod again for a second try. Handling time is one of the most critical parts of releasing bonefish. Remove the fly, hold the fish up for a brief photo if you want, and hold it in the water until it takes off on its own.
Don't move the fish back and forth in the water. Just let them rest in clear water. If you played and handled the bonefish properly, it should take off as soon as you release your grip on it. Pliers are helpful as sometimes bonefish take flies deep into their crushers. This especially common when using crab patterns.

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