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2. How to plan a fishing trip. (2 of 16)

Planning is part of the fun. Where do you go for advice before you even leave your home.

Video Transcript:

One of the great things about trout fishing is exploration. In this show, we're going to teach you how to start your journey. You can start this months in advance. Do a web search on the river. Look for online fishing reports. If there's a fly shop in the area, call or email them and ask them for advice. But make sure that once you arrive, you visit the shop and buy something.
You should ask about the specific season you're fishing as well as good locations, public access, and what flies they recommend. And also, your own expectations. Tell them what you're looking for. Many areas also have great guide books on trout streams. Most of these talk about seasonal changes, and most have excellent maps showing public access areas.
Google Earth can help on bigger rivers. You'll be able to see riffles and pools, roads for access, and where there are bends in a river. Bends are always good, because deep pools are usually found in a bend in a river's course.