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6. A hot tip for finding trout. (6 of 16)

Here’s a way to find the best water, and how to rule out water that might be unproductive.

Video Transcript:

When you're looking for trout, you want to look for water that's moving at about one foot per second. You need to kind of estimate that. Maybe throw something in the water and just watch something float down, and try to figure out what one foot per second is. No easy way, it's about the speed of a slow walk. But once you learn to recognize that current speed, you'll be able to find trout more easily, because that's the kind of water they're gonna tend to be lying in and feeding in.
It's easy on the surface when you're dry fly fishing or fishing a hatch. Not so easy under the water, because you don't know what the hydraulics are doing under water, and you don't really know what one foot per second is. But if you look at those surface currents, you'll learn to recognize that and it'll help you find trout.