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9. How to pick the right fly. (9 of 16)

You have a box full of flies. Which one do you pick first?

Video Transcript:

You may have a box full of flies but you still need some clues to pick one. What's hatching? Are there flies in the air around the water? Check spider webs for what has hatched over the past couple of days. Lighted doors and gas station lights at night also attract insects, so make sure to check them the night before. Check some streamside bushes. Recently hatched insects will be clinging to them.
Turn over a few rocks to get an idea of the general size and shape of the aquatic larvae in the water. You won't need an exact match to fool fish. Just try to get the general size and shape as close to the naturals as possible. Look for the size and shape of bait fish and crayfish in the shallows. Pick a fly.
The worst that can happen is you'll have to change it.