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12. What fly should you start with? (12 of 16)

This is always a guess, but here are some ways to make an educated guess.

Video Transcript:

So, let's get fishing. Should you start with a streamer, dry or nymph? If you see fish rising, the logical choice is a dry. But if you don't see any rising, what do you do? I can't tell you the answer to that, and you won't know either. Sometimes, all of them may work and at times, perhaps nothing will work. You should dig in and try something.
Water temperature can affect what flies you use. Trout are cold-blooded and at water temperatures under 50 degrees, they are not likely to chase a fly or rise to the surface. My first option if the water is relatively clear and above 50 degrees would be a dry dropper combination, or perhaps swinging a wet fly.
If the water is high and dirty, I might start with a streamer. And if it's early in the season and the water is cold but clear, I might start with a Euro Nymph Rig.