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Curve Casts (11 of 16)

Video Transcript:

Sometimes, a situation arises where you've got to get your fly to actually curl around something. Maybe you want your fly to crawl up the bank when you're stripping a streamer in. Or sometimes there's a stump or a rock that you got to get that fly around. In that situation we want to use a curve cast, and there's a couple different ways to throw a curve cast. One way is to make a very side angle cast where we take that rod and then we overpower it, that will create that side loop to come around and hook over to our left if we are a right-handed caster. If we under power it, then we can get it to hook to the right. Another way you can throw a curve cast is by when you apply that acceleration to that stop, right as you're applying that stop you make a twist with your wrist. That twist will cause that loop to turn allowing your fly to then turn to the left.