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Casting To Fast-Moving Fish (7 of 16)

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Video Transcript:

When dealing with quick moving fish, we want to get that fly in front of that fish as soon as possible. We want to make as few false casts as we can. Pick that fly up, get it in front of that fish, that's the name of the game, not a lot of false casting. If that fish is, let's say, at a 90 degree angle, directly off my right-hand shoulder, and I was just casting straight out in front of me, I can cut that angle in half, maybe make the cast at a 45, then quickly to that 90. So I pick this line up, cut that angle in half, then turn, and deliver that fly out to that fish as quickly as possible.

If that fish was, let's say, beyond 90 degrees, what I could do is maybe make a false cast in front of me and make a back cast, delivering that fly to that fish. Pick it up, cast in this direction, then deliver that fly out behind me to that fish, and that's how you can get that fly quickly in front of those targets.