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Video Transcript:

The equipment you use for salmon and steelhead can vary greatly. For smaller Atlantic salmon, when fishing in Northern Newfoundland, a 7 or 8 weight is ideal in a 9' rod. You might also want to use a 10' 7 weight to fish for steel head on a Great Lakes Tributary, when you're using nymphing techniques.

For big Chenookan and Coho, you would definitely want a 9 or even a 10 weight to have the ability to effectively fight these big strong fish. For all species and conditions, you'll need a good quality reel, with a solid drag. These fish are explosive and will test your drag system to the max. So it's critical to get a quality reel, specially a large arbor system, which will help you bring in line for fast running fish like Atlantic salmon and steelhead.

If I had to pick one all around rod for application to both salmon and steel head, I'd probably pick a 10' 8 weight rod. However, it's important to match your rod size to the species and conditions so I strongly recommend you check with the experts at your local fly shop or through our website at By getting the right rod, you'll ensure you get the maximum enjoyment for your fishing time by having the right tools.