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Rods And Other Equipment For Salt Water (7 of 21)

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Salt water rods are beefier in the butt so that you can fight big fish, and they also throw a bigger size line. You need that heavier line size to cast into the wind and throw the bigger flies that you're throwing in salt water.

For smaller bone fish, small stripe bass, red fish and speckled trout, fish up to about 10 pounds, an eight weight rod is about right, the same rod you might use for fresh water bass. When you get into heavier winds, bigger flies, and bigger fish like big striped bass, small tarpon, snook, barracuda, sharks and permit from 10 to 50 pounds, a nine weight or a 10 weight rod is a better choice.

For most shallow water fishing, a floating line is all you need but there are times when you'll need an intermediate or fast sinking line, especially in deep channels with lots of current, or when fishing deep drop offs. Leaders for shallow water or salt water fly fishing are pretty simple. For most of the fishing you do, a nine foot 12 pound knotless leader is all you need.

Reels are a lot more critical in salt water fly fishing than they are in fresh water fishing. You need a reel that'll handle at least 150 to 200 yards of backing so it's going to be a bigger reel. It needs to have a stronger drag to tire those bigger fish down and also, it's really helpful to have a larger arbor reel because the large arbor can take in line quicker. If you have a fish that runs a long way and then runs back at you, you want to be able to gather that line really quickly.