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Fine Tuning The Double Haul (15 of 21)

Video Transcript:

Once you've learned the basics of the double haul, now we have to begin to try and fine tune that double haul, adding a little bit of extra distance, maybe dealing with some real windy conditions. Remember, when we're salt water fishing, speed and accuracy is of the essence. We want to get that fly to that fish right away, so we don't want to false cast a lot. So, there's a couple things we can do.

Haul, shoot a little bit of line, haul, shoot that line, now back underneath that finger, closing that bail. That's going to help get that long cast quickly. Remember, get that fly to the fish. Okay, don't have it up in the air. As we progress with this double haul, let's say we're dealing with windy conditions, and we've got to make that nice tight loop and deal with that wind.

What we want to start to do is make this haul is make a nice smooth transition from one haul to the next, and our hauling hand actually starts to move in a little bit of a circle. We're going to haul, reposition, haul, reposition, haul, reposition. We're going to keep that hand moving; so nice and smooth , reposition, nice and smooth, reposition, keeping that hand continuously moving and that can help us deliver that fly out quickly to that fish.