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Fly Fishing Saltwater Flats Conclusion (18 of 21)

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Video Transcript:

Fly fishing in salt water in-shore shallows is a lot of fun. You have to stock the game fish, you have to make precise casts so you don't spook the fish, and you have to fight the fish properly so you don't lose them. Best, of all, this type of fishing is very visual. You'll usually see the fish take your fly. For most anglers, that's the ultimate thrill and challenge of this kind of fly fishing. In-shore fly fishing can be found almost anywhere in the world. Usually you do it from a boat, but in many places you can do it from shore, wading.

It's relatively inexpensive to get started and it's really easy to do. I hope you've enjoyed this week's show on shallow water fly fishing in salt water. Thanks very much for letting me share my passion with you. Hope you enjoyed , and if you've never treated yourself to shallow water fly fishing in salt water, you really should try it, because it's a lot of fun.