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Trout And Cover (3 of 12)

Video Transcript:

Scientists have shown that most trout like to live in waters that runs about one foot per second with fast water close by where they can dart into the faster water to feed. They also need shelter from predators, either adjacent to them or a quick flip of the tail away. Cover can be an overhanging tree, or a big rock but deep water and riffles also offer protection. Trout have many predators and they can disappear into a riffle or a deep pool as quickly as they can bury themselves in a logjam. Notice how this fish was both on a seam and in front of that big rock. We knew there was a fish in there. Get them in close, a shorter rod helps when you're landing a fish by yourself in a long rod. Hold them in the clear water over here until he's ready to go and he's ready to go.