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Tails Of Pools (5 of 12)

Video Transcript:

A: The tails of pools always hold feeding trout, and often the biggest trout in a pool will slide down into the tail to feed during hatches. In the tail, the current concentrates the food both vertically and horizontally, and a shelf is formed where the bottom rises up just before the tail breaks over into the next riffle.

One of the things that small stream anglers often overlook are the tails of the pools, where the water just starts to dump down into the next riffle. The tails of the pools can be one of the best places for trout; because all of the food in this little pocket is being concentrated in the tail of the pool. And what happens is most often we spook those fish because we stand up and we go right up to the head of the pocket, but if you try a first few casts down low in the tail of the pool you may be surprised. Sometimes the biggest fish in a small stream like this are going to be at the tail of the pool.