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Rocks And Logs (6 of 12)

Video Transcript:

Trout will be found in front of rocks, or along their sides as often as they will be found behind them. Oh ho, ha! Right in front of a rock. Whoa! Right in front of a rock. Right where that fish was supposed to be. Fish are just as often to be found in front of rocks as they are behind rocks. It's a beautiful little wild rainbow, I think. Strong, frisky, [gallon] river rainbow. He took the Ochre Caddis, the smaller fly. What a pretty fish!

The current digs a depression in front of rocks and often along their sides, that gives trout a better crack at drifting food than behind a rock. The same goes for fallen trees and logs. I'd be willing to bet you'll find more trout in front of a fallen tree, which fishermen call sweepers, than behind it. Because the tree often strains a lot of the food from the water before it gets to the trout and funnels it to the very best place near a fallen tree, at its outside point.