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Reading Big Rivers (7 of 12)

Video Transcript:

Tom: Some rivers have few defined pools, or go for miles without a single distinct pool, like this water in the Yellowstone River. In that case, you have to carefully read the entire river to discover where trout will be found. One of the best places to find fish in a river like the Yellowstone, is along the banks. In some big rivers, it's about the only place to consistently find fish feeding, because the current out in the center of the river is just too fast for fish to feed. Guide Molly Semenick has a nice, concise way of describing where to look for fish in big rivers. Molly, where should I be looking when we're flowing? We're moving pretty quickly, where should I be looking relative to the boat?

Molly: Tom, you want to look down river. Because, the boat will catch up quickly. So, if you look down river, you'll try to think about where you want to put your fly. And, look for structures like rocks. Rocks rock, wood is good, foam is home, shade. Made in the shade, that's a new one. I like that.