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Reading Pocket Water (8 of 12)

Video Transcript:

Pocket water is water with lots of big rocks and tumbling currents, and it's some of the most challenging but productive water to fish here. Instead of looking at individual rocks, look for places where a jumble of rocks creates a tiny pool. You really have to narrow down your fishing options in pocket water, because all of it looks fishy. But pocket water is tough to fish and tough to navigate. So, step back and look over the water to find the most likely places.

You might notice that I'm taking really short casts in this pocket water, your fly is going to get drowned very quickly, plus you're not going to get a very long drag free float. So, you want to just kind of pick pockets. You want to walk up through here and poke it here, poke it here, poke it here, just put it in all the little pockets. Especially when you know there's fish that are willing to feed. That makes it a lot more fun.