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Sight Fishing With Nymphs (12 of 14)

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Video Transcript:

One of the most exciting things in nymph fishing is sight casting to a fish that's feeding in shallow water with a nymph, a naked nymph. Which means, no weight on the leader, no indicator, just a tiny weighted nymph thrown to a fish in shallow water. You watch the fish's reactions or you watch your leader to see the strike.

That was cool. Wow! That's a big fish, and I'm probably not going to get him out of there. Well, maybe. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe... I got lucky on that one.

All right. Are you ready, Patrick? The nice thing about fishing without an indicator is you can reel the fish right up close to your rod. Yeah, baby. Bring him out in the sun here. Get him in the clear water. Burp him a little bit like they do the salmon. They roll them on the belly and get all the air out of them. There he goes.