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Nymphing From A Drift Boat (13 of 14)

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Video Transcript:

Man 1: At the other end of the scale from sight fishing nymphs is fishing them from a drift boat. It's one of the easiest way to catch trout. In fact, some people think it's too easy. With an experienced guide at the oars, by casting about 45 degrees in front of the boat you can get long, drag-free floats as the guide works to keep the boat drifting at the same speed as the indicator.

But you still have to do your part and man the line periodically. I joined experienced guide Molly Sumenik in Montana to learn more about proper positioning and drift of indicators when nymphing from a boat.

Molly: When the person in the front, in the bow, casts downstream, and the boat catches up to the fly and the fly gets to the oar, then they pick up and re-cast downstream.

Man 1: If you like to catch lost of fish in a day, there is probably nothing as productive as fishing nymphs from a drift boat, because you can cover so much water and the trout are always eating below the surface. No matter what kind of water you like to fish, from brawling rivers to tiny mountain streams, nymph fishing will often save the day, and it's really not that hard.