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Catching Pike In Deep Water (5 of 14)

Video Transcript:

Male 1: Here I am in Midsummer, fly fishing for Pike on deep water drop- offs using a sink-tip line. A slow, steady presentation was the key to success this day.

Male 2: All right. Must be a Pike.

Male 1: I don't know. It's not fighting like a Pike.

Male 2: Yes, it is.

Male 1: Yes.

Male 2: There's a Pike on a twisty fly. Whoa.

Male 1: You tell me what to do. Nice one.

Male 2: People think you have to retrieve really quickly for a Pike, but this Pike took the fly on the drop; on a very slow retrieve, and then drop on a sinking line. It's not always a very, very fast aggressive when you're fishing for Pike.

Male 3: I'll try to get him to turn around.

Male 2: Whoa.

Male 3: There we go.

Male 1: Nice Pike, huh?

Male 2: Yes. Better than the one yesterday.

Male 1: Gone?

Male 2: In larger lakes, Pike, you can find in shallow water, in the spring and fall. When it gets toward summer, you're going to have to fish deeper on the drop-offs, 10, 15, even 20, 30 feet of line with a sinking line. That's how we just caught this Pike, because it's summertime. You can catch them later on in the season, when they're not shallow, with the fly.