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Prime Time For Pike (12 of 14)

Video Transcript:

Announcer: One of the best way to locate aggressive Pike and Muskie is to cast large streamers on top of weed beds. In the early summer before the weed beds have a chance to fully mature and grow all the way to the top of the water's surface, there's an exceptional time window for fly fishers, that is when there's 1 or 2 feet of space between the weed tops and the surface. Anchor near the weed bed edge and cast across the top of this structure, stripping in your streamer. The big Pike and Muskie hidden who are hidden in ambush position will emerge from the weeds and follow your fly.

Usually, they'll strike during the retrieve, when the fly pauses and flutters, as if hurt. This can be some of the most visually exciting fishing of the season.

Colin: We're just carefully working over the weed bed, and that's where the Pike right now. Holy mackerel, is that a big fish. Did you see him, John?

John: I seen him. He crushed it

Colin: He did, he Hoovered it. Strong fish. What we've got is really high winds, and that's just been causing us a lot of grief. We know the fish is here, we keep seeing them, but keep pulling us off top of the weed bed.

I've been using a full-sinking line, although . . . That's a nice fish.

John: Nice fish.

Colin: Nice thick one.

John: He crushed that, hey Colin?

Colin: He hammered it.

John: We're going to use a net on this one, because with these wind conditions . . .

Colin: Going to try and get it up. Look at him.

John: He's not ready yet.

Colin: I think he splashed the camera a bit. That's a nice fish.

John: Look at the head on that fish.

Colin: That's a beauty.

John: He's going to go again, so just try to keep . . . because we don't want to get him to green. Head first. There we go, my friend.

Colin: Right on. Look at that Northern. Look at the size, that's 38 inches. That is a killing machine. Holy mackerel. He took it, what a rod neck away?

John: Yes.

Colin: OK. I' going to put it in the water here, gently. Just wait tell he's revived a bit. He's ready; he's already starting to kick. There he goes.