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Lures vs. Flies For Bass (2 of 12)

Learn about the similarities and differences of flies vs. lures when fishing for bass. See how similar bass flies are to bass lures in this video.

Video Transcript:

I love catching bass. They strike hard, they jump, and they're a lot of fun to catch, especially on a fly rod. I know that many of you already fish for bass using plastic worms, top-water lures, and hard baits. Fly fishing is similar. It's all about figuring out what the bass are feeding on. We use different types of flies to imitate these food sources for bass, then present them as naturally as possible.

This can be anything from imitating a frog or a mouse on the surface, to flies that replicate bait fish or even crayfish underwater, and some bass flies don't look like anything in particular. They just look good to eat. The key is to get the fly near a bass and make it look like something alive.