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The World Of Bass Flies (7 of 12)

Orvis learning center teaches the basics of choosing bass flies in this video. Learn about The World Of Bass Flies and flies that can be used to cover the water column.

Video Transcript:

You have to consider two factors, whether the bass can be caught below the surface or on the surface. The answer is based on a few simple factors, what the bass are hunting for in terms of forage and, of course, the impact of weather, time of day, and time of year. If you haven't fished for bass before, these are things you'll quickly learn. The key is we have two choices of presentations to make with a fly rod, either on top or below the surface. Most of the time, you can catch bass on sub-surface flies just like with conventional lures. Bass love to eat minnows, shad, even juvenile bass if they can. Bait fish provide a lot of nutrition for a bass, which is critical for their survival.

There's a wide variety of conventional lures available that imitate various bait fish, based on shape, color, and action. Bass flies are the same. They're also made to replicate the size, color, and relative action of bait fish. The only difference is that the flies are made from feathers, fur and synthetics, whereas lures are usually made from plastic or wood. The same comparison applies for other food sources for bass, things like crayfish, mice, and frogs. Some people tie their own flies, but you don't need to do that. You can buy already made flies from your local fly shop or online catalog store. You just need a good general selection, based on the kind of bass food that's in your area.