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Fly Rod & Tackle For Fishing Bass (9 of 12)

In this video you will learn the basics of choosing fly rods and gear for bass. Find out what to look for when you are looking for a bass fly rod and reel.

Video Transcript:

So let's discuss the equipment needed for fly fishing for bass.

The best all-around rod for bass fishing for largemouth and smallmouth is probably an eight weight. You need an eight weight because you need a heavier line to drive some of those bigger flies, more areas to some flies like hair bugs and big poppers and big, hairy streamers. Now if you're only fishing for small mouths, you can use a six or even a seven weight, because the flies are a little bit smaller. It's not really determined by the size of the fish. It's more the size of fly to your fishing. Largemouths, bigger, more air-resistant flies. Smallmouths, smaller, slimmer flies, in general.

For bass fishing, you don't need an expensive reel. Your reel is mainly going to be used for storing your line. You don't need an expensive drag system for bass because they seldom pull any line. The best fly line to use is a simple weight forward taper, which will help turn over to the large flies used for top water bugs. To learn more about proper bass equipment setups, visit the Orvis website at