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4. How To Fish High Water With A Euro Rig (4 of 20)

How to fish high water with a Euro rig. How Euro nymphing can be deadly, even in high, dirty water.

Video Transcript:

- [Tom] When George and I fished the Farmington River, we had tough conditions. The water was already high. And more rain storms drove the levels up even higher, not great conditions for fly fishing. - [George] All right, so we got a nice little pocket in here, right? We've heard there's some fish in here. - Correct. - Neither of us know this river well. - Correct. - Talk me through what you're going to do here in this little pocket. - Sure. What we're seeing is some above average water flows and what we're trying to do is just kind of hit some of the slower seams. And right now, right off the bank right here, you can just see there's a little shelf but there's just a narrow little passage, it's just holding some softer water. And there's a dead fall immediately above us that's also creating some softer pockets. And we all know trout are looking for that salvation from the faster current, so we're just going to go in there, hit some of these softer pockets, and then I'll eventually transition over and try to hit that soft water below that large boulder over there. - Okay. So you're going to start straight upstream? - Correct. Yep. Start with the shallow and then kind of work my way out. - Still, we caught some nice fish, proving how effective Euro nymphing is under any water conditions. We've given you a brief overview of Euro nymphing basics. Now let's get into more detail on how to rig up and fish and learn how anyone can use it to catch trout in a more reliable manner.