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5. How To Pick A Euro Nymphing Rod (5 of 20)

How to pick a Euro nymphing rod. How do you choose the best rod for Euro nymphing and what kind of rod can you use? Is my regular trout rod good enough?
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Video Transcript:

- [Tom] You can try Euro nymphing with any fly rod, but if you like the method you'll soon find out a specialized rod and line will make the process much easier. So George, you can do this with any rod line, right? - [George] Correct, you can. - But it's better to use something that's been developed, especially for this method. It's going to make it more efficient. - Correct. I mean, most fly rods are designed to cast fly line. What we're doing is basically casting leader or very thin diameter fly line, so we really need just a softer tip that loads with minimal amount of mass outside the rod tip. - Soft tip and then you have a stiffer butt to play fish and have the power. - Exactly. - So yeah, you can see the way this rod flexes that it's really tippy, really soft, tippy. - And it's going to be ultra sensitive. You will feel a lot more of your stretch with this type of rod versus a traditional action rod. - So that's pretty much it. But you can use any longer 9 to 10-foot rod if you wanted to and it would work. - Absolutely. - Okay.