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19. Using A Drop Shot Arrangement With A Euro Rig (19 of 20)

Using a drop shot arrangement with a Euro rig. How to use a drop shot rig when Euro nymphing

Video Transcript:

- [Tom] You can even modify your presentation by switching to a drop shot rig which puts the weight on the bottom and stalls the flies suspending them above the weight. What are you going to try? - [George] What I'm going to do here is I'm going to do a modification with the drop shot. I'm just not seeing as much action either on the surface or on the sling right now. So I'm going to try to stall my flies in the column slower. So if we're going to use a drop shot, tight line system contact nymphing but we're going to put the shot on the bottom and just really crawl our flies on the bottom but at a much slower path than what we were doing which we were basically drifting just a few minutes ago. - Looks okay. So when you rig for that, you took off your bottom fly... - Bottom fly. - You tied a surgeon's knot... - Yup, on the other section tippet. - It left a dropper for your second fly. - Correct. - And then you put an overhand knot in the end of the tippet. - Correct. - And then you're going to put a shot on the bottom. - We're going to put several shots. - Several shots on the bottom. So there the shots are going to roll on the bottom and your flies are going to stay just above the bottom. - Correct. - Okay. So anytime you are fishing a drop shot technique with a lot of weight or a very heavy point fly, the amount of tension between the rod tip and the fly is immense. So when the fish strikes, you're almost 90% positive it's going to be a fish. - With drop shot. - With the drop shot and a heavy rig just because of the amount of tension. So right here you can really...with the amount of weight that I'm using right now, we can basically feel our way through this whole situation. Knowing when the fish strikes versus when bottom occurs.