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7. Lines and leaders for small stream trout fishing (7 of 15)

Lines and leaders for small stream trout fishing. You don’t need specialized lines and leaders for small streams. Here is all you need.

Video Transcript:

Lines and leaders for small streams couldn't be easier. You need a floating line and a 7.5 foot 4X leader for nearly every small stream you fish. Most of this fishing is dry dropper or dry fly fishing. And often, your line doesn't even touch the water. And even if it does, the water is so shallow so a sinking line would only get you into trouble. Keep it simple.
Leaders for this kind of fishing should be standard nylon tapered leaders, anywhere from 7.5 feet long to 9 feet long. You can use longer leaders if you like. And sometimes, you need them in the flat meadow streams. But for the most part, because both cast and drifts will be short, a shorter leader turns over better and even with a short leader, you won't put your fly line over the fish.