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14. Streamers and trout Spey techniques (14 of 20)

You can swing streamers with a light two-handed rod, or you can use two-handed casting techniques with your regular single-handed rod.

Video Transcript:

Crowds Bay is a relatively new and fun way to fish streamers while covering a lot of water, you could do it with an ordinary fly rod or with a light two-handed rod commonly known as trout spey or micro spey rod. These rods offer the ability to make a much longer cast using a modified Skagit line. And they're especially useful if you have limited backcast room.
A sinking head on the end of the Skagit line allows you to get your flies deeper on the swing. Sometimes when you're trying to do this, you have your back against the stream and you can't make a backcast. So you're forced to roll cast and it can be tough to roll cast halfway across the river.
One of the ways to do this is to use a modified two hand casts. So you can do a little snap T or a double spey or a single spey, and that'll set you up for your roll cast and then you can make a roll cast across the river. So I'm here in this big flat pool, I'm trying to get across there. It's very efficient, it's less tiring.
And it's kind of fun. It's not going to be as pretty as with a two-handed rod, because you don't have that length and that slower rod, but it works pretty well.