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10. How to break off a snagged fly. (10 of 20)

You will lose flies. In some rivers lots of them. See how to safely break off a snagged fly.

Video Transcript:

- Whether you use an indicator or tightline system, you will hook the bottom, and you will lose a pile of flies. No way around it. When you have a snag like this and you know you're going to have to break it off, it's a really good idea not to break it off with a high rod like this, because if it breaks off at the fly and you've got some split shot on there, split shot can come flying back at you and hit you in the face or your fishing partner next to you.
So a good idea, if you're going to have to do that, is to put the rod underwater and then back up or pull on it. And that way if that split shot gives way, it's not going to go anywhere. It's not going to come at you. ♪ [music] ♪