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9. Summer largemouth in lakes. (9 of 18)

Where to find largemouth bass during the summer in lakes, and how to catch them.

Video Transcript:

- [Tom] In summer, largemouth bass in both, lakes and reservoirs, will take residence in either heavy weed beds or move to deep water. They love heavy weed bed cover or even manmade structures like docks to hide from predators and feed.
Weed beds, fallen trees, and other structure will hold schools of baitfish which a largemouth key in on. In southern reservoirs, some largemouth bass will stay in deep water areas and hunt schooling baitfish such as shad. You may need to use sonar to locate the baitfish or you need to find out from local intelligence where bass and baitfish congregate during the summer.
Bass can sometimes push baitfish to the surface, especially in late summer. Look for diving birds or swirls of splashes on the surface. This often happens early in the morning or late in the day. The fish, there we go. On the crayfish, oh.
- That's a nice one.
- Yeah, not bad. Probably the biggest largemouth I've caught in a while. Come here, buddy. Nice fish.
- That's a good one.
- On the crayfish. Fish and poppers. And the fish weren't cooperating so we went deep with the crayfish and this nice bass.