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10. Summer smallmouth in rivers. (10 of 18)

Where to find smallmouth bass during the summer in rivers, and how to catch them.

Video Transcript:

In rivers, smallmouth will move into faster water but it'll use structures such as boulders, and drop-offs, and rock ledges for protection from the current and predators. Look for them in protected feeding lies, near large rocks or logs. Much like trout in rivers, smallmouth will move into less protected shallow water to seek out food such as mayflies, caddisflies, baitfish, and juvenile frogs.
They do this mostly during periods of low light, like cloudy days, or dawn, and dusk. So this is summer fishing for smallmouths in a river. You never know where they're going to be. We're in the deeper part of the river now, right where it enters the lake. And, you know we're trying all kinds of things. We didn't do anything on surface flies. Didn't see any surface activity.
Went to a crayfish on an intermediate line and picked up this first bass. Crayfish is out.