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13. How to make a bass bug leader. (13 of 18)

How to make your own bass bug leader with only three pieces of tippet material

Video Transcript:

A short leader for bass bugging, you don't need much. I'm going to take a couple feed of 40-pound, and a piece of 35-pound, and then a piece of 25-pound. Just tie them together, make a leader about this long. So I'm going to take my heavy stuff, and you could go with a straight leader with bass bugging but this turns over a little bit better if you have some taper in it.
And I'm just going to take my 40-pound and tie a perfection loop in it. So now I've got my loop on the end of my leader. And then, I'll take my 35-pound, just a short piece of that to kind of transition.
Tie that together with a triple surgeon's knot. Trim that. And that can be pretty short.
Just a transition. And then, I'll put a piece of 25 on the end. Largemouths are not leader shy at all. A 25-pound is nothing. It's actually pretty light for a largemouth in heavy cover. I'll tie that on for my tippet.
And that's it. A little bit longer than I thought but a good bass bug leader. Trim the ends, put it in our fly line, and we'll be all set.