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14. Flies for summer bass. (14 of 18)

You’ll want some slightly different patterns for catching bass during the summer. We’ll give you some broad guidelines on

Video Transcript:

Thanks to the growing interest in fly fishing for largemouth in heavy cover, there are a great number of fly patterns available. Here are some of them. Frog patterns in deer hair work well. As do hardbody plastic patterns. The key to remember in summer is that largemouth bass will often be in deeper water and not necessarily in heavy weed cover.
For both smallmouth and largemouth bass in summer, whether in shallow or deep water, you'll need a variety of fly patterns in your fly box. For top water, hardbody poppers are easy to cast and are very effective, especially in low light conditions. Poppers with concave faces usually work best because of the sound and disturbance they make in the water.
Yellow, orange, green, and black are all excellent choices. For baitfish patterns, you'll want to have a variety of both weighted and unweighted flies to help you efficiently probe all parts of the water column based on conditions. Baitfish streamers come in a wide variety of patterns and sizes to match your local bass forage.
Check with your local fly shop or tackle store to find out what baitfish the bass are currently keyed in on. Of course, crayfish are a major staple of both types of bass. Ensure you have a variety of colors that are weighted in sizes from one to four inches in length. Bass love them and Fish slowly, near the bottom.