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2. Why Do People Love Fly Fishing? (2 of 19)

Why do people love fly fishing? Why fly fish? Learn the many reasons that people love the sport of fly fishing with this entertaining video from Orvis.
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Video Transcript:


People love fly fishing for many reasons. For some, it's a connection they feel with nature. Whether it's wading on a mountain stream, casting from a boat on their local pond, or fishing in a mountain river, fly fishing helps them get into the outdoors. For others, fly fishing is a means of relaxing, unwinding, and clearing their minds. But there's one common thread among all of them, and that's fly fishing is a fascinating way to fish.


La gente ama la pesca con mosca por muchas razones. Para algunos es una conexión que sienten con la naturaleza, ya sea esperando en un riachuelo de montaña, arrojando una red desde un bote en su estanque local o pescando en un río de montaña, la pesca con mosca los ayuda a llegar al exterior. Para otros la pesca con mosca es una forma de relajarse, descansar y aclarar su mente.

Pero hay algo que todos tienen en un común y eso es que la pesca con mosca es una forma fascinante de pescar.

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