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3. Fishing With Kids: Start With Bait And A Bobber (3 of 19)

Bobber and bait fishing with kids is a great way to get them started. This teaching kids to fish video from Orvis will show you some easy, educational techniques.

Video Transcript:


Tom: Anyone can learn to fly fish. The best way to start is on a local pond filled with small bass or sunfish.

I took my friends Sophia, Amelia, and Julia to a local pond to show them what fly fishing is all about. You'll see if they catch fish, just like you can.

We started out the way all kids should begin fishing, with live bait and a bobber. Since it was grasshopper season, we caught some live hoppers, which was half the fun for all of us.

We've got some grasshoppers here. So we're going to put a grasshopper on the bobber.

Child: Okay. Excuse us. Grasshoppers, we need another volunteer.

Tom: Excuse us. We need another volunteer. There we go. There's a volunteer. Press the button and go. There you go. Perfect. Okay.

Child: I think I've got one.

Tom: Reel it in. Reel it in. Reel it in. You got one. You got one. There he is. That's large mouthed bass. All right. Look at that.

Child: Come on mister.

Tom: Now that's a baby large mouthed bass, and the way to land these is you can just put your thumb right in here. They don't have any real teeth. They just have little teeth. See those little teeny tiny teeth? They feel just like sandpaper. Want to feel it? It feels just like sandpaper. Good job.


Reemplazamos el señuelo vivo por uno artificial de mosca. Aún utilizamos cañas de pescar convencionales, y también push button para mostrarles que la pesca con mosca artificial es otra forma de pescar. Luce como un saltamontes, tiene patas, alas, esta pequeña cosa roja y una cabeza gorda. ¿Se ve como un saltamontes?

- [Niñas] Sí, sí.

- Así como con los saltamontes reales, no podemos arrojarlos muy lejos, solo debemos ponerlos en esa línea, ¿okey?

- Correcto.

- Hay una manera de arrojarlo allí, ¿cuál es?

- Con la cuerda.

- Correcto, con la cuerda. Voy a atar este saltamontes.

- Okey, para, parece que.. ¡Oh! ¡Lo tienes! Lo pescaste con un saltamontes falso, ¿qué piensas? ¿Fue genial?

- Sí.

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