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8. The Fly-Fishing Outfit (8 of 19)

Understand the basics of the fly fishing outfit and get started. Learn what basic equipment you need to fly fish in this informative video from Orvis.

Video Transcript:

You need a rod, a reel, and line, just like any other kind of fishing. But a fly rod bends in a specific way, so that you can put the fly where you want it, but also to play a fish without breaking your leader. For much of fly fishing, the reel is simply a device to store line, and you retrieve and otherwise manipulate the line with your hands. Sometimes, when a big fish is hooked, the reel takes over to provide a mechanical drag and to retrieve line between runs. A fly line has weight, because the line is what casts the fly. A fly line can float or sink, but for now we'll stick with a floating line, which is by far the most common type. Between the line and fly is a leader, made from regular monofilament fishing line that has been specially tapered to present the fly properly.
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