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11. Matching Fly Lines To Fly Rods (11 of 19)

Video Transcript:

The line and leader are tapered to make your presentation better. Fly rods and fly lines are rated with a number system that ranges from 1 through 12, with 1 the lightest and thinnest and 12 the heaviest and thickest. Lighter lines are more delicate. Heavier lines are needed to throw bigger flies and to cast farther, especially when you have windy conditions. Luckily, fly rods made for light lines are more flexible to protect light leaders, and heavier fly rods have enough power to make long casts and enough reserve power to fight big fish. For most trout and panfish, size 4 or 5 rod and line is about right. Rods lighter than a 4 weight are used for small fish or very delicate presentations and are really considered specialty rods. For a good all-round rod for trout and smaller bass, a size 6 is often used. For bigger bass, smaller pike, steelhead, salmon, and smaller saltwater species, a size 8 is the most popular size. For very large flies and very heavy fish, size 10, 11 or even 12 might be used. Don't forget a fly rod should always be matched to the correct line size, otherwise it won't perform at its best.
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