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Common Streamer Types (3 of 13)

Video Transcript:

Traditional feathered streamers are still used as are older style buck tails. Some other, more modern streamers, are variations of the deadly woolly bugger, a very simple but effective fly. There are literally hundreds of woolly bugger variations. Other streamers imitate sculpins, a small bait fish that lives in riffles and pools and in cold and clear trout streams and is a favorite food of trout everywhere, especially big ones. There are as many types of sculpin flies as there are woolly bugger variations. Still other flies attempt to imitate leeches and crayfish more precisely, but you don't have to be that critical in picking streamers. And you don't really need to match the food forms exactly. A trout that's on the prowl for a big meal will often take the first streamer thrown at it.

There should be one right there. All right! On a dead! Whoa! Whoa! God, that's a fat fish. It looks like a little steelhead. Beautiful!