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Tackle For Streamer Fishing (5 of 13)

Video Transcript:

If you fish streamers for trout a lot, you will probably want to invest in a six or a seven weight rod, because these line sizes will throw bigger flies better than light trout rods. You can get away with throwing smaller streamers with a four weight or a five weight rod, but sometimes you just have to work too hard to get the fly out there. In smaller rivers and shallower water floating line will work OK, but if you get serious about fishing streamers in fast, deep water, a sinking tip line will allow you to fish more of the water where big fish hide. The streamer's stripper line is perfectly suited for this, as it has a short, fast sinking head with a floating line behind, which makes it easy to mend and manipulate your fly. Don't go too light on your tippet when you fish streamers. Don't forget that you're pulling one way, and trout will pull the other, sometimes violently when they strike. Your tippet should be at least 3X, and with bigger flies you might find the need to go to 2X or even 1X. Nine foot leaders are fine to use with a floating line, but you should go to a shorter six foot leader with sink tip lines to keep your fly running deeper. Next, we'll explore some techniques that are tried and true methods for catching trout on streamers.