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Dead-Drifting Streamers (7 of 13)

Video Transcript:

Tom: Dead drifting a streamer is a deadly tactic, especially in colder water. Just cast your fly in an upstream direction and retrieve line just fast enough to keep a tight line to the fly so you can feel strikes.

Molly: Proved me wrong.

Tom: Proved you wrong. I think that's a fish. No. Yeah, it is.

Molly: Is it?

Tom: It's a good fish. Yeah.

Molly: It is.

Tom: I thought it was a snag.

Molly: So did I.

Tom: Oh, nice fish.

Molly: Rod tip up, head up. Beautiful. Yoo Hoo.

Tom: Marvelous. Okey doke.

Molly: Yes.

Tom: Yellowstone River brown trout.

Molly: Look at how yellow the fins are.

Tom: Yeah.

Molly: Aren't they beautiful?

Tom: It's a beautiful fish.

Molly: Ha. Yes. That's what I wanted for Tom.

Tom: Nice. Thank you, Molly.

Molly: Oh.

Tom: You can also fish a streamer or a streamer with a dropper nymph on the end under a strike indicator. This is often a deadly technique on fish that won't take a streamer fished in a conventional manner. OK. Molly, we've got a streamer and a nymph. How are we going to fish this?

Molly: This is a great combination. We're going to fish this streamer in a dead drift. Lots of mends. Hopefully, the fish will be attracted to the streamer and then maybe eat the smaller nymph or eat the streamer. It's a double. And it works really well.

Tom: And are we going to have to use an indicator?

Molly: I really like these cork strike indicators because they float really well, and they've got a little bit of weight to them. They cast well. The other kind is this balloon type, and I just don't think they cast as well, but they do float well so I like both of these. [music plays] That was awesome.

Tom: That was weird.

Molly: He attacked it.

Tom: That was really strange.

Molly: In two feet of water.

Tom: I know, and he ate that streamer, I don't know, he ate it like a dry fly. Like he thought it was am offer falling in or something. Wow. That's a nice fish, too. Wow. That fish was in shallow water. My God. We could have caught him on a dry. I remember when I was a kid reading books, there was this book I had about Dan Bailey catching Yellowstone brown trout ...

Molly: Well, you're doing it now, Tom.

Tom: ... and, you know, I just have this vivid image of Dan Bailey with this beautiful butter-colored brown trout and that picture stuck with me for years.

Molly: Oh my ...

Tom: Man, did he eat that, too.

Molly: ... look at his head.

Tom: In shallow, shallow water. Wow.