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More Streamer Strategies (8 of 13)

Video Transcript:

If a trout boils at your streamer but doesn't connect, try going back to the same spot with a slower or a more erratic retrieve. The trout might have thought it stunned its prey, and it's really looking to eat it now. If that doesn't work, you can try a different fly but in my experience, a trout that boils at a streamer and doesn't take the same pattern with a different retrieve will not change his mind just because you changed flies. Unless the water is under 45 degrees or very dirty and fish are unwilling to move very far for a meal, it doesn't pay to repeatedly cast a streamer to the same spot. If you fish a streamer, you should cover a lot of water, placing your cast in each likely spot and then moving on. Streamers are bigger flies and that combined with their movement ensures that trout can see the fly on your first cast.