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Big Stillwater Rainbows On Streamers (9 of 13)

Video Transcript:

Tom: Let's join Bill Spicer and his friend, John Boblick, as they use streamers to catch trout in small ponds.

John: I think he's digging into the mud here. Going into the leads. I have 4X tippet on here, but 4X tippet churned through a lot of weeds.

Bill: There we go. That is a terrific trout, John.

John: They're all good.

Bill: Yeah.

John: They're all good.

Bill: And the hook fell out - look at that. Hold that to the camera for a sec, John.

John: That's a great little trout.

Bill: Yep.

John: Quality fish in anybody's mind. And away he goes!

Bill: Away he goes.