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What To Do When You See Rising Fish (3 of 14)

Video Transcript:

A: Don't start casting the minute you see a fish rise. I know it's hard to resist, but you'll be less frustrated and have more fun if you hold off. When you spot rising fish, first observe and make a plan before you make a cast. Watch the fish rising for a while. Fish could be cruising in a slower pool instead of staying in one position. Or, there may be more than one fish rising, and a quick glance at the water may not betray that second fish. The worst thing you can do is throw your fly line on top of a fish, so make sure there is not a second fish rising between you and your target, or make sure the fish you see rising is not moving.

B: OK, he's facing to the right of that. He's facing to the right of that.

C: There's two fish.

B: Oh, yeah.

C: Got one of them.

B: Nice, nice, nice. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. That was awesome, man. That was cool.

A: If the fish spook, they'll typically just slide into deeper water, and you won't see them again for quite a while. It's frustrating to find a good fish feeding, and then spoil everything by scaring it. But by planning your first cast, you can make this most important cast count.